Friday, August 25, 2017

Pressure Cooker Vegan Beef Stroganoff

Pressure Cooker Vegan Beef Stroganoff 

A comforting favorite that I know people grew up on homemade or packet mix was Beef Stroganoff. I thought, why can't we have this luscious hearty recipe? No reason came to mind and I have been making it for my family ever sense. I've made stove top versions and sometimes I don't have all the time in the world to get it all done with 3 kiddos running around, so the pressure cooker is my best friends in the kitchen. I can do to 1 dish what it takes hours to do in the kitchen, with even more favor.

This recipe will show you how to easily make a classic comforting favorite in a fraction of the time so you have time to enjoy your day and your family in the process. With the hearty ingredients and a creamy vegan sauce it makes you wonder if the recipe is vegan or not. Tons of flavor and plenty of left overs...if your family doesn't eat it all before it gets put away. Enjoy!

Pressure Cooker Vegan Beef Stroganoff


2 cups vegan beef broth + 1 teaspoon vegan chicken bouillon (adds a great flavor together)
2 Tablespoons vegan butter or oil preferred
1 (16oz) bottle Ripple Half & Half or your favorite thick vegan milk (combo vegan cashew & full fat coconut cream works great also)
1 packet Hans Vegetarian Brown Gravy Mix (if you don't have it, sub in 2-3TBSP cornstarch + 1/4 cup water  in your liquid mixture instead)
1 Tablespoon Vegan Worcestershire Sauce 
1 teaspoon liquid aminos
1 Tablespoons fresh or dry Parsley
1/2 teaspoon dried thyme or 1 teaspoon fresh thyme
1/2 teaspoon smoked paprika (regular is fine also)
12 oz egg-free egg noodles (Walmart brand)1 bag frozen vegan meatballs
3-4 cups chopped mushrooms (I used creminis)
1-2 Tablespoons minced onion (or dried onion flakes)
8 oz vegan cream cheese, softened (I used tofutti brand)
Seasoned Salt, to taste (if you don't have seasoned salt, use whatever you have)
Freshly Ground Black Pepper, to taste


*I use an Electric Pressure Cooker for this, time will vary for a stove top version.*

First, Add vegan beef broth, vegan milk, vegan cream cheese, onion, mushrooms, vegan Worcestershire, spices, herbs, packet mix or cornstarch and water into the Pressure Cooker (Instant Pot). Whisk enough to break down the vegan cream cheese, but it doesn't have to be perfect because it will be melted when you finally stir it up in the end. 

Next, Add in the package of egg-free egg noodles into the Pressure Cooker. Stir the liquid mixture and noodles to combine.

Layer the meatballs on top of the egg noodles in a single layer. (DO NOT STIR)

Manually set the Instant Pot to cook for 6 minutes, sealed. When your pressure cooker is done and goes off, release the steam valve to venting. Once the steam has completely released, carefully open the lid of pressure cooker away from you. Your last step is to stir and mix thoroughly. Pair it with a garden salad and fresh bread. Serve & enjoy!