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Vegan Reuben Sandwiches

Vegan Reuben Sandwiches 
If you have ever been to a diner you already know what a Reuben sandwich is. But if you don't know, it is traditionally a hot sandwich of corned beef, Swiss cheese, with Russian or Thousand Island dressing, and sauerkraut. Then it is grilled between two slices of rye bread...I know that's a mouth full! But did you know the origin on the Reuben? I didn't, its not like there's a class in school on it but there are different origins just on this mega sandwich alone. Several actually all lay claim to a sandwich battle royal so to speak! One is said to be Reuben Kulakofsky as the inventor, because it was made at a weekly poker game held in the Blackstone Hotel around 1920 threw 1935. The second origin is Arnold Reuben, a German owner of Reuben's Delicatessen in New York City who, according to an interview, invented the "Reuben special" around 1914. And others were claimed to be made by two different actresses and the last was Alfred Scheuing who was a chef at Reuben's around 1930. 

Anyway you slice it, there will be claims made for this sandwich because everyone wants in on its popularity. It is hands down my favorite sandwich, it was growing up for sure. And when you come from a background where comfort food is spelled with sandwich love, you always carry it with you. Being vegan once meant giving up these traditional favorites, you had to wave goodbye...farewell...Auf Wiedersehen to them all. Not the case with this culinary Adonis, you can still enjoy the same great taste without the cruelty. 

This recipe shows you how to take a classic mega sandwich like this and then turn it into a cruelty free, yummy, masterpiece. This vegan version is piled high with homemade vegan corned beef, tangy sauerkraut, a vegan special sauce, and vegan Swiss cheese, all sandwiched together on homemade rye bread. All these ingredients are brought together just right to have you forget what you used to know about a Reuben. This vegan Reuben sandwich will have you and any loved one wondering how it can be vegan and further more..."CAN I HAVE ANOTHER?!". You sure can, just don't forget to serve this beauty with kosher pickles on the side and maybe a nice frosty cold drink to wash it all down. You may need a wet napkin afterwards, but it is totally worth it. Enjoy!

Vegan Reuben Sandwiches

1 pound (or portion size desired) Vegan Corned Beef, thinly sliced (Recipe link)
4 slices Vegan Dark Rye Bread (Recipe link)
2 to 4 Tablespoons Vegan Russian Dressing (Recipe link)
2 to 4 Tablespoons organic sauerkraut
2 slices vegan Swiss cheese slices (Daiya) or 2-3 slices of Field Roast Chao Cheese
1 to 2 Tablespoons vegan butter or oil, softened, divided (preference to how much you use)
4 kosher dill pickles, to serve


Heat 1 large skillets or griddle over medium to medium-high heat. When hot, oil the pan with vegan butter or oil. Lay the bread slices on a clean work surface and spread 1 side of each slice with some of the Russian dressing.

Layer 1/2 of the slices with some of the corned beef. 

Divide the sauerkraut evenly over the meat, then top the sauerkraut with the slices of cheese or half of the vegan cheese divided on each.

Place the remaining bread slices on top, dressing sides down, and set aside.

Cook until crispy and golden brown, about 4 minutes. Turn the sandwiches when it gets to this point.

When you turn the sandwich, I like to weight the other side of the sandwich to flatten it a bit. Once the sandwich is flipped, take a flat lid or a heavy pan and set on top. Cook on the second side until golden brown, crispy, and the cheese is melted, 3 to 4 minutes longer.

Once the sandwich is golden on the other side, remove the pan that is pressing it.

Transfer the sandwiches to a cutting board and cut in half on the diagonal, then serve immediately, with remaining traditional sides and a kosher dill pickle, for garnish. Pairs great with a cold beverage of your choosing and you can always double or triple the recipe as needed for a party or special occasion. Enjoy!


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