Monday, September 16, 2013

Recommended Product

Recommended Product

Beyond Meat

Beyond Meat has been a new kid on the block in my kitchen. I heard, saw, and read a lot about it from the time it came out and still today. When I finally got to try it, I have to say I was very excited. We all know vegan meats can be not much to be desired. They can have a weird range of desirable and undesirable qualities but it all chalks up to tasty or not. I have to say that Beyond Meats is a NEW welcomed member of my new shopping list. It far exceeded my expectations and still continues to do so.

I would have to say a HUGE selling point is the fact that the product is not only vegan but gluten-free as well! I know, you never see that out in the supermarket shelves. It can be difficult to not only eat buy/eat gluten free, but if you add vegan to the mix it can raise the stakes more so...oh yeah and it's completely delish!! 

The down side though is I don't see a vegan beef alternative, but I'm sure that is something we can see on the horizon from this outstanding company. 

Whether you like vegan meats or not, it is a great product to buy, try out, or have a loved one who is transitioning or interested in the lifestyle. Our first step after being proud members of this lifestyle, is to show others that it is fantastic and helpful all in the same wavelength. Getting them to the table and on board is a great first step, so try Beyond Meat, you won't regret it. Enjoy! 

Their Mission

"To become the market leader in the development and introduction of new plant protein products. We are focused on perfectly replacing animal protein with plant protein where doing so creates nutritional value at lower cost."


Where can I find it? 

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