Monday, May 6, 2013

Organic Mango Sorbet

Organic Mango Sorbet
When it gets to be those hotter spring and summer months we always need that refreshing treat to cool us down. We don't always want ice cream and sometimes we want something a little healthier and figure friendly. Sorbets do the trick to make that craving go away and make you tummy and taste buds happy. This recipe shows you that a sorbet can be completely delish without any added sugar and junk, just fruit and you have a completely organic and refreshing treat. Serves perfect by itself or topped with fresh fruit and/or some vegan whipped cream. Enjoy!

Organic Mango Sorbet


2 to 3 large ripe organic mangoes, peeled and seeded
2 cups Organic mango & orange juice (100% juice blend)
1/8 teaspoon kosher salt


Stand the mango on your cutting board stem end down and hold. Place your knife about 1/4" from the widest center line and cut down through the mango. Flip the mango around and repeat this cut on the other side. The ovals cheeks are now left for you to use. What's left in the middle is mostly the mango seed, don't waste it though. I like to squeeze it over the blender or a bowl to get any juice or remaining pulp, messy but worth it

Mango Ready To Cut
Sliced Mango
Mango Seed
Next, cut parallel slices into the mango flesh, being careful not to cut through the bottom or skin. Turn this mango cheek 1/4 rotation and cut another set of parallel slices to make a checkerboard pattern.

Checkerboard Mango for Slicing
Here you can either Slice or Scoop the mango slices out of the mango skin using a large spoon or knife. Turn the scored mango cheek inside out by pushing the skin up from underneath. Then you can scrape the mango chunks off of the skin.
Inside Out Mango
Place the mango chunks in a blender fitted with the steel blade and puree. If you want a very smooth sorbet, you can process the puree through a food mill or mesh strainer. I like to have the texture with the pulp, all up to you. 

Mango Chunks in Blender
Mango Chunks in Blender
Mango Puree in Blender
Mango Puree in Blender
Combine the mango, juice, and salt until smoothly pureed and no lumps. Once pureed, take your mango sorbet base and add it to the ice cream machine. 

Mango Puree going into Ice Cream Maker
Mango Puree in Ice Cream Maker\
Churn according to the manufacturer's directions, I processed it in my machine for 15 to 20 minutes until the sorbet was set but it was still soft. Your machine will stop churning at this point.  

Finished Mango Sorbet
Finished Mango Sorbet Texture
Once your sorbet has reached that texture, it is ready to serve as is now or place in the freezer for later use. You can either place in the freezer in the ice cream machine bowl or in a separate dish. Serve the sorbet by itself or add vegan whipped cream and/or fresh fruit. Enjoy!


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