Thursday, January 26, 2017

Cherry-Almond Vegan Chicken Wrap


Cherry-Almond Vegan Chicken Wrap

When we are looking for a quick and easy lunch we usually go for sandwiches or wraps (Oh how exciting), should I go on? Yeah I know it's quick and easy but can't it also be super delish too?? Sure it can! It's great to eat your lunch and not feel bored while eating it. This recipe shows that you can have your lunch (or dinner) be scrumptious as well as quick, delish, and fun. The combo of sweet and savory flavors but vegan, no real chicken here. The almonds help give that nice crunch to help satisfy and the cherries are a sweet surprise that keep you wanting more. Not only good but beautiful and healthy to boot, you can't beat that. You can make this recipe for a larger group by double or tripling (even half it for smaller recipe) OR make it ahead for the work week. Just whip up and store in the fridge and nibble as needed, it only gets better daily. You can't go wrong when enjoying this for your next meal. Throw it together and let me know...I'll wait, I know you'll love it. Enjoy! 

Cherry-Almond Vegan Chicken Wrap


1 Tortilla, Multigrain wrap, Pita (Lettuce wraps work great too)
6 strips (1 serving) Beyond Meat Chicken-Free Strips, chopped  

1 Tablespoon sundried tomatoes, diced 

Tablespoon dried cherries (or you can use cranberries)

1 Tablespoon Slivered Almonds 
1 Tablespoon Just Mayo or vegan yogurt (plain) 
1-2 leaves romaine lettuce
2 Tablespoons Shredded red cabbage 
Sprinkle each: onion & garlic powder 
Salt & Black Pepper, to taste 


Prep the ingredients and combine in a bowl, season to taste with salt and pepper. Combine all in your wrap and roll tightly. Cut or leave whole for serving. Great made ahead for lunches or a quick dinner on the go. Enjoy! 



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