Thursday, September 10, 2015

Hi NEW Vegans!

I get asked a lot by new vegans or long time vegetarians that are looking to go vegan, how to go vegan. They are either interested to start gradually or eager to jump right in. I think either is great but I give them the same basic advice when they ask me: 

What's the easiest way to convert to veganism? & What are some advice and tips you would give a new vegan starting out? 

I think the best way if you're going to gradually do it or even jump right in, is to really research veganism. I find that new vegans need to really get their info on everything before making that lifestyle change. You want to make sure when you make this transition, you're doing it the right way and the healthiest way, so you're successful. Get out there and find out what works for you in the product world. If you are going to be a vegan who enjoys making their own cheeses or wants to buy. 

Today's vegans are soooo lucky, they have lots of great options for vegan cheeses: (field roast, Daiya, tofutti, go veggie, follow your heart, vegan gourmet, teese, & miyokos). 

And if you don't have them in your area, you can order online and have a new product shipped right to your door. The same thing goes for vegan meats (Gardein, Field Roast Grain Meat, Sophie's Kitchen - The New Vegan Seafood, Beyond Meat, Boca, Tofurky, Lightlife, Yves). 

Some vegans enjoy them and some do not and that's ok, find what works for you and again, there are a lot of products out there. If you're not into veggie meats, you can stick to: 

  • Legumes (especially chickpeas, adzuki beans, lentils, split peas, and kidney beans)
  • Organic Soy products such as tempeh and tofu (you can also make none soy based tofu as well)
  • Nuts & seeds (most notably cashews, almonds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds & tahini)
  • Whole and enriched grains such as quinoa
  • Organic Vegetables (particularly dark and leafy greens)
  • Whole grains and wheat germ
  • Dried fruits

  • Try, sample, make, move on, and keep looking until you find what you like. 

    And of course, make sure you are getting all your vitamins and minerals. Supplements are available but you can get the majority from foods. Chia (omega3), flax (omega3), nutritional yeast (b12), mushrooms (vitamin D), Dark Greens (calcium & iron), 

    • Microalgae DHA supplements
    • Flaxseed oil or seeds
    • Hempseed oil or seeds 
    • Walnuts
    • Chia 
    (you can find vegan supplements at your local or vegan market if needed)


    Vegan Essentials

    Vegan cuts

    Fake meats 

    Vegan store

    Recipes for homemade meats are everywhere as well and they are easier than you think.

    *Pinterest is your friend!

    And the MOST IMPORTANT: Find support, whether it be close to home with a friend and/or family OR online support groups. You will need that helping hand or shoulder once and a while. Plus the recipe sharing is just a bonus! 

    Hope this helps ❤️


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