Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Sorry Technical Difficulties

Sorry Technical Difficulties

Sorry everyone, The Comforting Vegan is having technical difficulties...in the form of an Internet connection. Not able to access everything I need for my recipe today, so it looks like your just stuck with little old me...I'm sorry, no fun.

I should be back tomorrow with a brand new recipe and possibly a report about back to school info for kiddos going back. Maybe some helpful tips, tricks, and recipes. 

So stay tuned for this week, you are sure to be reminded of your childhood with Homemade Vegan Hostess Cupcakes and possibly a NEW favorite for the kids too...if you share...maybe? 

What are you craving? Anyone out there missing a childhood favorite? It could be Hostess, Little Debbie, Campbell'is, Chef Boyardee, Lunchables, Candies, sweets, savories, or even a parent made fav you need help with making vegan. 

Comment here or go onto Facebook/Instagram/Twitter and let me know...you could see it here very very soon. 

See you guys tomorrow!!


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