Friday, February 8, 2013

Ultimate Vegan BLT

Ultimate BLT
Most people going to a diner for lunch like to indulge in a BLT from time to time. This classic treat has been consumed for ages and is always a crowd pleaser. I don't see why this has to change for vegans either but why just have a plain old BLT when you can have the ultimate BLT. With these fresh ingredients and homemade touches, this sandwich goes from ordinary to extraordinary. The homemade vegan mayo gives you that classic touch and you will be shocked on how amazing this mayo is compared to the expensive store brands. Put it all on some homemade bread and you really have something special. Enjoy with your favorite chips and/or cup of soup and I don't think you will want to get back to work after indulging in this ultimate treat. Enjoy!


8 slices vegan bacon (seitan or tempeh work great)
4 slices good white bread, cut 1/2-inch thick (Homemade Recipe is listed on Blog)
4 tablespoons good vegan mayo (Homemade Recipe is listed on Blog)
4 to 8 tender green lettuce leaves, washed and spun very dry (I used Romaine, but use your favorite)
1 ripe Hass avocado, sliced 1/2-inch thick
1 large ripe tomato, sliced 1/2 to 1/4-inch thick (how you like them)
Salt and freshly ground black pepper


Place vegan bacon in a lightly oiled medium frying pan and arrange in a single layer. Cook for 2 to 3 minutes each side or until the bacon is browned and crisp. When cooked, set aside for assembly

Place the bread slices on a sheet pan and toast them for 5 minutes or in toaster for desired brown. If oven, turn the slices and toast for 1 more minute, until all the bread is evenly browned. Place 2 slices on a cutting board. Spread each slice with about 1 tablespoon of mayonnaise. Place 4 slices of bacon on top of each sandwich and then add a layer of tomato slices on top of the bacon. Sprinkle liberally with salt and pepper. Peel the avocado and slice it 1/2-inch thick. ( You can toss the avocado slices gently with the lemon juice, if desired to slow browning: 1/2 lemon will do) And finally, cover the slices with a layer of lettuce. 

Spread each of the remaining 2 slices of toasted bread with 1 tablespoon of mayonnaise and place, mayonnaise side down, on the sandwiches. Cut in half or serve whole with a side of your favorite vegan chips or even a cup of soup. Enjoy!


-For the Ultimate sandwich try the recipe with the homemade ingredients and you will be truly amazed on how fresh and delish this BLT can be for you and your family.

-Mix your homemade with fresh herbs of your choice and it changes your BLT up to something different. Suggest: Basil or Tarragon for a fresh taste. 


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